The “Paliyam Declaration” of 1987 happened under Kummanam, the congregation of Kerala’s Vedic pandits and scholars at Paliyam, near Chennamangalam in Thrissur District. According to the ” Paliyam Declaration”, anybody can attain “Brahmanyam” through “Karma” (duty), even if he was born in a different non Brahmin caste. All such Brahmins through performance of duty can also become priests to perform “pooja”, including in Temples, according to the “Paliyam Declaration”. Kummanam played a pivotal role in ousting caste or “level” differences in the society & stood up for the social equality and justice.
Kummanam was recently quoted saying, “Irrespective of their caste, people who have learnt it and are competent to perform poojas should be allowed to do so. This should be applicable at all temples, including Sabarimala and Guruvayur” and vowed the implementation of the same, if BJP comes to power. He was also quoted saying “We only demand that people should not be discriminated in the name of religion. Those who need a helping hand should be given that”.